1 month old!

First Post!

Time flies when you have kids, so we have decided to pick up blawging again. Hopefully we can save some memories here and even share some good thoughts!

Main Event: Baby Max!

Max is 1 month old! How time flies!


Quick facts:

  • Clothing size: newborn
  • Diaper size: newborn
  • Favorite activities: tummy time, frowning  as he ponders the  world, watching people make faces, standing on mom’s lap, watch basketball with dad, blowing raspberries and climbing up and pushing his arms against Dad to look around

Favorite food:

Raise head,  turn head when on tummy/back, roll from tummy to back, slept 5.5 hours 6/4

When he’s fussy:
Mom gives him pacifier, and when all else fails we go lay on the bed with me upright against a pillow

Mom’s favorite memory:
Blowing raspberries at each other and when dad rolled Max up into a “sushi roll”

Dad’s favorite memory:
I had been drinking some aloe drink (on my “slowcarb diet” cheat day) and was holding Max while mom caught up on some sleep. He was getting cranky so I gave in and looked for his pacifier, but I needed to clean it off first. So I did the whole stick it in my mouth to remove whatever debris it had accumulated (that is really gross in hindsight) and then gave it to him. He lit up! Smiling and going crazy sucking on it. Either my germs are super tasty or he liked the sweet aloe drink I had just been swigging. *Initiating scientific test #147. I know he is just supposed to drink breast milk right now, but I dipped a pin heads worth of aloe drink onto his pacifier and gave it back. He went crazy again! Just smiling away and kicking and being super happy. Results confirmed, baby Max is a lot like his dad – tasty food makes us happy! Other than that, my favorite times have been the late night rocking him to sleep or just laying on my chest having a good old time trying to crawl over me!

*What mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her 😉
** Just kidding mom!

Thoughts from mom:
I have never had a more full and fulfilling month. I have never been peed and puked on more in my life and I’ve eliminated “gross” from my vocabulary for the foreseeable future. I often find myself lost in Max’s eyes and smile. The loving looks make up for all the fussiness he’s experienced over the last 2 weeks.  It was sad when Max outgrew my favorite yellow sleeper. But I am looking forward to more smiles and enjoying watching him discover the world.



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