2 months old! Crazy!

It has been a big month in the life of Max! He has grown so much! He is smiling and cooing all the time! He is just a joy… unless he’s in the carseat! Ha!

He loves to be engaged! Talked to, entertained by mobiles or anything with lights and noise. He is very attracted to the color yellow. He likes Curious George on TV because of all the yellow.


Quick facts:

  • Clothing size: 0-3 months
  • Diaper size: 1
  • Favorite activities: watching his crib mobile, sitting against your knees and babbling, laughing and smiling, Grandma Linda’s bouncy seat

Favorite food:

Better attention span and can focus on people/things, swatting at toys/faces, holding head up longer while sitting upright, mimicking


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