4 months! No Way!!!

Size diaper: 2
Clothing: 3-6 months
Holidays: Labor Day with Grandpa and Grandma Wilkerson
Achievements: Eating solid food!
First food: bananas
Things he tried: bananas, apple sauce, rice cereal
First: time to get sick. Had a cold that lasted a few days.  Began to despise the snot sucker.

He loves his jumperoo and is sad to see the pool go. He loved loved loved it these past few weeks! Very much looking forward to next summer! Baby Einstein is his go to thing when all else fails to consult him. He can’t get enough.  But mom and dad have already had enough! 

Mom’s memories…..
Max wasn’t going to be 4 months til Friday but in preparation I bought the food and had him sitting in the high chair “testing it out” a few nights before. Ben got home and couldn’t help it. “Where’s that baby food at?!” We love being parents and experiencing every new thing with our little man!

We went to the park after getting shots then had lunch with Dad and Grandma and Grandpa at del rio. Max drank water from Ben’s cup for the first time!







On the day Max turned 4 months he was sick.  😦 So he got to watch lots of Baby Einstein.



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